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In the dark, at a club…

Yesterday I experienced such a hot situation I just want to talk about it.

First of all, what you need to know is that I’m bisexual and my boyfriend and I fantasize a lot about doing something together with a girl.

Yesterday we were at the club where we work every week. While I was doing my job, this girl comes up to me asking random questions. She was beautiful and funny and I immediately felt attracted to her. We kept talking all night, and when she asked me to take a picture together, she kissed the corner of my mouth. My boyfriend saw this and I could tell that he was picturing really hot things, just like I was. Nothing else happened besides hugs and dancing, but she asked me my phone number and added me on Facebook at the end of the night.

I kept thinking about how easy it could have been to kiss her, and how amazing it would have been if my boyfriend joined us too and I was so wet I can’t even tell.

And that’s where things became even hotter.

After she had gone away, my boyfriend took my hand, and we went hiding in one of the rooms of the club. It was completely dark. I couldn’t see anything, but I could feel his hands on my body. He kissed me passionately before making me turn around and pressing me against the wall. He was kissing my neck really slowly while caressing my breasts under the shirt. He then took off my shorts and panties and started touching my thighs. He quickly reached in and when he felt that I was already soaking wet he started talking dirty to me, about how nasty I was for thinking about her. We told each other what we wanted to do with her and at that point we couldn’t resist anymore: he pressed me against the wall even harder, and started penetrating me with such passion I climaxed almost immediately. He kept moving in and out and started rubbing my clit too, and I climaxed again. I was so horny, I wished this could have lasted all night. But I knew someone could get in the room at any time, so I turned my head towards him and said “I’m your whore. Use my body in any way you please” and he started pushing even harder. He pressed his hand on my back so that I would show him my ass better and he pounded me harder a few more times before cumming inside me.

We cleaned up as fast as we could and went back to work, his cum inside me, like nothing had happened.

Today the girl asked us out and we’re seeing her on Thursday night. Needless to say, we’re counting the hours…”

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